Thermography is a method, which detects infrared energy emitted from the object or Surface and converts it into avisual graphical image, which represents the temperature profile and distribution patterns.It captures as a temperature distribution on a surfaceand it can display as a visible information. Temperature can be measured from a distance without contacting an object. Temperature can be measured in real time.The equipment used to capture the images is called thermography camera and the method to be called as infrared thermography. It is an effective tool to save the energy by identify and locate the thermal leakages and its rates for the following major equipment used in industries.

  • Detects heat leakages from insulated boiler surface
  • Detects heat leakages from furnaces and foundries
  • Detects heat leakages from insulated surface.
  • Thermal analysisof HVAC systems, ducts and cold storages.
  • Thermal analysis of electric panel, duct 
  • Thermal analysis of electric pole, cable and joints
  • Thermal analysis of buildings
  • Thermal analysis of Pumps & Compressed air systems.
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